Catherine Egan is the current Head of Partnerships at Catapult in Dublin.

Catapult is a creative production agency www.thisisCatapult.com

Former Head of Operations for FanFootage. Catherine has proven results in delivering the best of FanFootage service to major International acts, labels and management companies around the world.

Catherine has developed many key relationships in the world of events – having worked with Goodwoood Festival of Speed, HSBC, and Web Summit to name a few. She has worked across a broad range of clients, brands and event types

She gained her social media and PR experience by being there, by being in the conversation and always being online. She has developed planned and managed social media campaigns for clients – such as Bon Jovi, Marc Anthony, Sony Latin America, Sony UK to name a few. Past campaign for entertainment.ie, Theatre Forum, The National Campaign for the Arts and the National St. Patricks Festival.

Specialities: Experience in campaigns for major international labels & clients, big brands, the entertainment industry and the arts in Ireland.

She is also an online PR and social media entrepreneur. With an MA in PR she has completed extensive education in communication. Event management, communication and production are always at the core of what she does.

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