Extracts from Wired UK edition April 14

Overhead power lines. Charlie Burton takes a look at skyTran which takes commuting to the next level. Aluminium monorail pods rush passages to their destination up to 250kph. Wouldn’t that be amazing? This is something that I can see happening and changing the way we get to work. It might not be for Dublin but it’s definitely engineering that you can see working.

What’s exciting….

Graham Cook CEO, QuBit. Is an early adapter and is using the 100WH HyperJuice battery to charger his devices on the go. It would be amazing for conferences and gigs where I always find myself running out of power but with a hefty price tag http://www.hypershop.com/MBP2-100.html I won’t be getting one anytime soon.

Mites at the museum – whatseatingyourcollection.com will definitely make me think twice next time I’m in a museum.

Bikes get me excited. Lock8 seems like a brilliant idea. Not only does it lock your bike, but it also alerts you if someone is trying to steal your bike but you can also unlock your bike via the app. You can share your key too so friends can always borrow your bike and It’s like the Airbnb for bikes too apparently if you want to charge said friends for cycling your bicycle.

I’m not sure how it would look on my vintage bicycle but if I can ever afford a second bike – Lock8 will be purchased too. And £108 seems a fair price.

And finally for today June Gruber – tells us that happiness is a dish best served in moderation. That one I’m not so sure of but then again I sound like one of the ones who uses my happiness to take risks, binge drink and binge eat. I’m off to the gym so I can do all those things later with more energy.


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