Why Mobile Apps at Conferences?

As we learn about social media – we attend conferences and grow our understanding of the social media world. If you are thinking of heading along to a conferenece. Check out this list of apps that you should consider.


Here are some of the best apps you’ll want to consider for your next conference.

#1: Evernote—Remember Everything

No matter how advanced conferences and technology become, the number-one activity of most attendees will be to take notes to get the most out of each presentation.

There are plenty of note-taking apps available, but the favorite of most attendees, marketers and businesspeople is Evernote.



#2: Twitter (or Your Favorite Twitter App)—Network in Real-Time

Twitter is a critical app for any social media, marketing or tech conference and it comes in handy at just about any other conference.

Most conferences promote their own hashtag, a short tag that people use in tweets so that more people can follow the conversation, whether they are physically at the conference or stuck at the office.

Use conference hashtags to follow and engage with other attendees and speakers.

#3: Facebook Messenger—Keep in Contact With Friends

Facebook is a little unwieldy as a conference app. It doesn’t offer the real-time interaction of Twitter, and it’s not a great tool for taking notes, which would clutter up your timeline and bore your Aunt Matilda to tears.

However, Facebook Messenger is a great, real-time tool for keeping in touch with one or multiple friends during a conference.

#4: Foursquare—Make the Most of Where You Are

For large conferences, Foursquare is a must. When there are multiple tracks and your friends are all over the place, Foursquare quickly shows you where people are.


Foursquare is a free app that helps you and your friends make the most of where you are.

#5: CardMunch—Turn Business Cards Into Contacts

There’s little doubt that one of the biggest advantages of attending an in-person conference is networking.

The more people you meet, the more business cards you acquire. At big conferences, you might end up with dozens of cards. By the time you get back to the office, catch up on old emails and get back into the swing of things, you’re looking at an intimidating pile of cards.

CardMunch quickly scans business cards and pulls the information into LinkedIn. This makes it easier to connect and follow up.


#6: Evernote Hello—Keep Track of Your Connections

Another great networking app is Evernote Hello.

#7: Camera App (Your Choice)—Create Content That’s Easy to Share

There are plenty of benefits to documenting the conference through photography. In fact, photos are some of the easiest, quickest ways to create content for your social media networks and possibly the most viral.


#8: Video App (Your Choice)—Interview Experts

These days, attendees are as likely to create content as they are to consume it. One of the easiest ways to get great content for your blog, podcast or YouTube channel is a video interview.

At most social media and marketing conferences, you’ll often see people interviewing speakers and fellow attendees to share great content with their own audiences.

#9: Shoeboxed—Eliminate Your Paper Clutter

Real-world events usually require an outlay of real-world cash. That’s where an app like Shoeboxed can come in handy.

With Shoeboxed, you can snap pictures of receipts and Shoeboxed will automatically enter the date, total, payment type, store and category of expense. No need to keep a wallet full of receipts any more.

Create and send expense reports right from your phone, or export expenses into several popular accounting packages like QuickBooks.


#10: Facebook—Keep Up With Friends

While Facebook may not be a great app during a conference (it just doesn’t offer the real-time interaction of Twitter), it’s a great tool for following up afterward.

It’s the perfect tool for cementing the bonds you made at the event. You can “friend” people you met at the conference, tag new and old contacts in photos and comment on the conference’s Facebook Event Page.


You can access Facebook across all mobile devices and it’s free.

Use These Apps at Your Next Conference

Whether you’re looking to learn, network or create content at an event, there are plenty of mobile apps to choose from for your tablet or smartphone. Be sure to consider the apps you’ll want to use at your next conference.

Now it’s your turn! What other apps have you used at past conferences, or what other tactics can you share on how to make the most of their next in-person conference? Let us know in the comments below.


Rich Brooks is founder of The Marketing Agents and president of flyte new media. He helps small businesses succeed with SEO, blogging, social media, email marketing and websites that sell.

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